(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. & v. See lawsuit, judgment.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A legal official]
Syn. justice, magistrate, chancellor, justice of the peace (JP), chief justice, associate justice, circuit judge, county judge, judge of the district court, appeals judge, surrogate, jurist, master of assize, marshal of assize, chancery judge, tribune, bencher, hanging judge*; see also judiciary .
2. [A moderator]
Syn. referee, umpire, arbitrator, arbiter, adjudicator, mediator, ombudsman, interpreter, inspector, negotiator, intercessor, final authority, go-between, assessor, ump*.
3. [A connoisseur]
Syn. expert, authority, professional; see connoisseur , critic 2 , specialist .
Syn.- judge is applied to one who, by the authority vested in him or her by expertness of knowledge, is qualified to settle a controversy or decide on the relative merit of things [ a judge of a beauty contest ] ; arbiter emphasizes the authoritativeness of decision of one whose judgment in a particular matter is considered indisputable [ an arbiter of the social graces ] ; referee and umpire both apply to a person to whom anything is referred for decision or settlement [ a referee in bankruptcy ] and, in sports, to officials charged with the regulation of a contest, ruling on the plays in a game, etc. [ a referee in boxing, basketball, etc., an umpire in baseball, cricket, etc. ] v.
1. [To pass judgment]
Syn. adjudge, adjudicate, try, hear, sit in judgment, doom, sentence, act on, find, rule, give a hearing to, hold the scales, arbitrate, referee.
2. [To form an opinion]
Syn. conclude, infer, suppose, assess; see decide , estimate 1 , 2 , resolve 2 .
See Synonym Study at infer .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. justice magistrate, jurist, *his Honor. ''Nothing but the law speaking.''— Benjamin Whichcote. ''A law student who marks his own papers.''—Henry Louis Mencken. see court
2. arbitrator arbiter, adjudicator, mediator, referee, umpire, conciliator.
1. adjudicate try, adjudge, hear, sit, rule, give a verdict, decide, settle, determine, arbitrate, mediate, referee, umpire.
2. estimate guess, surmise, reckon, infer, deduce, gather, arrive, size up.
3. appraise rate, assess, rank, evaluate, value, size up.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb 1. To arrive at (a conclusion) from evidence or reasoning: conclude, deduce, deduct, draw, gather, infer, understand. See REASON. 2. To make a judgment as to the worth or value of: appraise, assay, assess, calculate, estimate, evaluate, gauge, rate1, size up, valuate, value. Idiom: take the measure of. See VALUE. 3. To make a decision about (a controversy or dispute, for example) after deliberation, as in a court of law: adjudge, adjudicate, arbitrate, decide, decree, determine, referee, rule, umpire. See DECIDE, LAW. 4. Informal To have an opinion: believe, consider, deem, hold, opine, think. Informal: figure. Idiom: be of the opinion. See OPINION. II noun 1. A person who evaluates and reports on the worth of something: commentator, critic, reviewer. See VALUE. 2. A public official who decides cases brought before a court of law in order to administer justice: jurisprudent, jurist, justice, justice of the peace, magistrate. See DECIDE, LAW. 3. A person, usually appointed, who decides the issues or results, or supervises the conduct, of a competition or conflict: arbiter, arbitrator, referee, umpire. Sports: ref, ump. See DECIDE.

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